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Frequently Asked Questions


Plus Icon Do you have job placements?
Yes. We want students to take placements during their degree and have staff who focus on arranging job placement opportunities for students. On the second year of our BA course there is a module dedicated to helping students to research placements and third year students are required to have undertaken a placement before they complete their final projects.
Plus Icon Do you have study abroad programmes?
On our BA course there are opportunities for studying abroad, usually in the second year and for one or two semesters. Our Masters’ course does not offer such opportunities, as the nature of the programme means students must be present at the NFS for the entire course. PhD students can study in Leeds or may study abroad with periodic trips back to Leeds as arranged with their supervisory team.
Plus Icon How practical are your courses?
Very! Our courses are generally 70 to 80 per cent practical work. Our teachers are filmmakers themselves, and our goal is to create other filmmakers who not only understand how to make films by doing, but who are also informed by the context of film history and culture.
Plus Icon Is Leeds a student-friendly city?
Leeds is fantastic city to study in. It has a large student population a compact city centre, the busiest train station outside London, an international airport, fantastic sports, cultural events and nightlife. By train, London is a little over two hours away, Newcastle less than 90 minutes, and Manchester less than 50 minutes. The beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Dales is right on the doorstep. Prices in Leeds are very affordable compared with many parts of the UK and many students are able to find work while they study.
Plus Icon What are my job prospects after attending the school?
According to our latest statistics, 93 per cent of our students were in work or were continuing their studies in higher education within six months of graduation. Given the nature of the film industry, this is a combination of people working for companies and those who are ‘freelance’ or self-employed in the film industry. It’s all about the effort you put in; where students have shown commitment and sought to get the most out of our courses it is not at all unusual to see them enter straight into successful career paths within the film and television industry.
Plus Icon What do you mean by industry-based filmmaking?
Our teachers have worked, and continue to work, in the film and television industry. At the Northern Film School, we teach students how to make films as professionals, in the same way that the film and television you see in cinemas and on screen are made. The skills our students learn equip them for working in this industry after graduation.
Plus Icon What equipment will I work with?
We are very proud to be constantly updating our equipment and resources. We guarantee you will be working with the same industry standard cameras, lights, hardware and software that professionals use to make films. We presently shoot on Film, HD and 4K. See the facilities section for more details.
Plus Icon What skills will I graduate with?
Our courses are specialist skills-based to meet the requirements of the film industry. That means that our students study and take specific classes in producing, screenwriting, directing, cinematography, production design, editing, sound recording and design and animation and will graduate with very high-level skills in one or more of these areas. Our students start with a broad introduction to industry roles but can quickly choose to follow a specialist path.
Plus Icon Where is the Northern Film School located?
Our main building is the Electric Press, which is in Millennium Square in Leeds city centre. Leeds is the third largest city in England and is the cultural, financial and commercial heart of Yorkshire. However, even though it is every bit a major city, Leeds is surrounded by the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, adding significantly to the quality of life for those living here.
Plus Icon Where will I shoot my films?
We are very lucky to offer an array of locations, both studio and on location. We have two sound studios at our main building, the Electric Press, as well as a larger, professional studio we have in partnership with the Prime Studios, located in the heart of the film production district of Leeds. This allows our students not only to shoot in a professional environment but also to witness professional films being made all around them. Additionally, our students film in locations across Leeds, Yorkshire, and the UK and, on our MA and PhD courses, all over the world.
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